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If you are looking to invest in real estate through an established, successful company, our acquisitions are intended to provide a solid cash flow and steady appreciation for our investors. Currently, over 150 limited partners have invested more than $30 million with The Legend Group. We offer attractive income potential: annual return is typically double-digit, non-taxable, and payable on a quarterly basis. Since 1990, we have paid out over $8 million in quarterly cash distributions. Through property re-finances, we have returned over $8 million to investors.

Typically, we seek to acquire properties in stable or rising neighborhoods. We look to hold these properties for ten years or more, with the intention of refinancing the property after five or six years. It is our objective to recover the limited partners’ initial investment by refinancing the properties, distributing the refinancing proceeds to the limited partners, then continuing to make cash flow distributions, enabling our investors to recover all of their initial investment in the partnership. We have successfully met this objective on a consistent basis, after which we continue to pay out quarterly cash distributions which then result in an infinite return.

Typically when a property is sold an investor has the option of rolling over the profits into a new Legend Group investment property thus avoiding capital gains taxes. Distributions are then paid to the investor based on this newer, higher amount of investment.

Unlike many other acquisition groups, The Legend Group does not outsource its management – once a property has been acquired, we provide professional hands-on management services to protect the future of our investments.

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